Önceki Geziler



Duration:19 days/18 nights

Entry dates: August, 2rd, 2015 – August, 20th, 2015

Number of persons in a group: 6 –20
Age limit:18 years and up
This tour does not require any special physical training

Itinerary of the tour

August,21İstanbul – Novosibirks  
August, 32Novosibirsk – Gorny AltaiB+L+DHotel “Host yard”
August,43Gorny Altai – Karakol valleyB+L+DTourist amp “Karakol”, yurts
August,54Gorny Altai – KalbakTashB+L+DTourist camp “Kochevnik”, yurts
August,65“Kochevnik” yurt camp – Pazyryk burial moundsB+L+DHotel “Host yard”
August,76Gorno-Altaisk–Novokuztesk – AbakanB+L+Dtrain
August,87Abakan – “Snezhny Bars”B+L+DTourist camp “Snezhny bars”, wooden houses
August, 98Irbish (Snezhy bars) – Sai-XonashB+L+DYurt camp “Sai-Xonash”, Yurt
August, 109Sai-XonashB+L+D Yurt camp “sai-Xonash”, Yurt
August, 1110Sai-Xonash – Petrogliph mountain, Stone Statue  (Western Tuva, Baryyn-Khemchic region) – Khayirakan – Aldyn-BulakB+L+DEthno cultural tourist complex “Aldyn-Bulak”, Yurt
August, 1211Aldyn-Bulak – Chagytai lakeB+L+DTourist camp “Chagytai”, rooms in a wooden house
August, 1312Chagytai – KyzylB+L+DHotel “Odugen”
August, 1413KyzylB+L+DHotel “Odugen”
August, 1514Kyzyl –Arzhaan-2– Kyzyl B+L+DHotel “Odugen”
August,1615Kyzyl – AbakanB+L+DHotel “Anzas”
August,1716Abakan – KrasnoyarskB+L+DHotel “Krasnoyarsk”
August,1817Krasnoyarsk – NovosibirskB+L+DHotel “Siberia”
August,1918NovosibirskB+L+DHotel “Siberia”
August,2019Novosibirsk – İstanbulBn/a

B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner

Part I


Day 1, İstanbul

We will meet in Istanbul Airport at 19:oo clock , flying to Novosibirks at 20:00 clock.

Day 2, Gorny Altai

04:45 Our guide will meet you at Novosibirsk airport.Transfer to Gorny Altai.Breakfast.Excursion to the local museum inGorno-Altaisk.Lunch in a café.Drive along the ChuiskyTrakt and visitingethno-park “Uch-Yenmek”.There will be a folklore performance in the evening. Dinner and overnight in Altai yurts (facilities outside).

Day 3, Karakol Valley

Local people believe thatKarakol Valley is a holy land. Here you will see hundreds of ancient archaeological monuments.Excursion around the Valley with visiting the most powerful places. Then the group will go to Boochi village, where there are many archeological finds. Visiting Bashadar group of burial mounds, which is considered as a sacral centre according to many surveys.Today you will have an opportunity to taste local cuisine. Taking a Russian banya.Dinner.

Day 4, KalbakTash,

After breakfast, we will  continue the trip along the ChuiskyTrakt. Today you will visit Kalbak-Tash area and see petroglyphs, there are more than 5 thousands of cave drawings in this area. Lunch in a café. In the evening arrival to touristic complex “Kochevnik” located at the bank of Chuyariver. Accommodation at yurts (facilities outside).Dinner.Taking a Russian banya.

Day 5, 550km auto

After  breakfast, you will visit Red Gates and Pazaryk burial mounds and some grave ruins. Today you will know about cultural ties of the ancient population of Altai.Lunch.Overnight at hotel.Dinner.

Day 6, 410 km in a way

Breakfast. Transfer Gorno-Altaisk-Turochak-Tashtagol-Novokuznetsk. Lunch is on the way. Arrival in Novokuznetsk is about 16.30 pm. Board on train.Lunch-boxes for dinner.

Day 7, 300 km in a way

Arrival toAbakan. Meet with a guide, breakfast and  transfer to “Snezhny Bars” camp.Lunch will be on the way. Dinner and accommodation in “Snezhny bars”.

Part II

Republic of Tuva

The Republic of Tuva has revealed many secrets from the depths of its soil as well as other monuments on the surface of its earth. Ancient kurgans (burial mounds), stelas, stone statues and figures, ancient campings, rock art, ancient writings- all these you will be able to see and learn about it on this exceptional tour. The tour also includes two days of living next to nomads and experiencing their way of life.

You will also have a possibility to visit the greatest events of Tuva – Naadym festival and International contest of Throat Singing “Khoomey is in the Centre of Asia”. Naadym is a Tuvan national holiday which is held annually around mid-August. Naadym celebrates stockbreeders. This celebration is very important for local residents who come to participate in the events and competitions from all over Tuva. One of the most important competitions, together with the horse racing, archery and athletics and wrestling, is the exposition of yurts or dwellings of reindeer herders of every kozhuun (district).  Another interesting event which is associated with horses is the equestrian equipment competition. The national wrestling “xuresh” has been and remains the most popular event of Naadym.

Day 8.

You will be met by our guide at ”Snezny bars” and you will drive to Sai-Xonashtour camp enjoying great views on the road. Tour camp “Snezny bars” is situated on the way to the western Tuva, in 100 km from Ak-Dovurak town. Drive to “Sai-Xonash” yurt camp which neighbors with the nomads’ camps (70km from Kyzyl-Mazhalyk to Sai-Xonash).  It is located in the place called Ak, an extremely beautiful area surrounded with the high mountains, forests and purest spring waters. It has 6 twin and triple cosy yurts and a banya(Russian style sauna). Every yurt has 3 or 4 beds and Tuvan traditional furniture. People living on this very isolated part of land breed animals such as sheep, cows, horses, goats and yaks. They still live keeping their culture and traditions alive. The tourists will be met by a Tuvan nomadic family. Following the Tuvan hospitality tradition guests will be offered to have some Tuvan milk tea.

Dinner and overnight in the yurts.

Day 9.

After breakfast there is an ample opportunity to go for a walk in the forest for a photo session or climb one of the mountains. We will then come back to our camp to have lunch.Making byshtak – Tuvan fresh cheese.

After lunch we will be off for an excursion to the old burial places (kurgans) which are situated on the territory of the Bayan-Kol valley. After dinner you will be demonstrated the process of making araka – Tuvan traditional alcohol drink made from fermented milk.

Day 10.

Early breakfast and departure Aldyn-Bulakyurt complex (45 km from Kyzyl).

On the way to Kyzyl we will visit the Bizhiktig-khaya Mountain with ancient petroglyphs discovered by the Russian archeologist A. Andrianov. The Mountain bears more than 300 petroglyphs wich date back to the Bronze Age depicting scenes of hunting, as well as the image of Buddha which dates back to 1358.  We will also see a Kizhi-Kozhee statue, a monument to an unknown hero (second half of the Ist millennium B.C.)

We will then drive to the town of Ak-Dovurakand have lunch there. After lunch there is an excursion to “Ustuu-Khuree” monastery which is situated in Chadaana town. Ustuu-Khuree was a real masterpiece of Tuvan architecture having no analogies neither on the territory of Tuva. The monastery was one of the richest, if not the largest ones in Tuva at the time. In 1930, it was closed, in 1937, demolished. The priests and the monks were subjected to persecution.In 1999, the government of Russia, admitting the historical and architectural value of the unique temple, made a decision to rebuild it. The festival of live music “Ustuu-Xuree” is dedicated to the rebuilding of the temple. It units the musicians from all over Russia and the world.

On the way there we will stop for an excursion to the Xaiyrakan mountain (50km from Aldyn-Bulak) – one of the most sacred places of Tuva which was sanctified by the Dalai-Lama – XIV in 1992 and worshipped as well by shamans. As the saying goes, the Mountain will give healing and force to those who visit it with an open heart.

Dinner and accommodation in economy class yurts for five persons. The category “luxury” yurts (doubles or singles) are not included in the price of the tour. Therefore, if you wish to be accommodated in them, please know that it will require additional price (100€ for a single and 60€ per person for a twin/double). A shaman’s ritual will take place after dinner.

Day 11.

After breakfast we will drive to the Chagytai Lake (50km). This lake is known to be the biggest and the deepest fresh water lake of the Tuvan bassin situated at 1003 meters above the sea level. The lake has fish such as ide, pike, bream and carp.Accommodation and meals at tourist camp on the bank of the lake.

Days 12, 13.

Breakfast and drive to Kyzyl where we’ll follow the program of the festivals: yurt competition in the center of Kyzyl, master-classes and market of the International felt festival, wrestling, horse races, gala-concert of the International throat-singing festival.Excursion in Kyzyl including Tuvan National museumwhere along with other exponents you will see the gold from the burial mound “Arzhaan – 2”.We will take a walk through Kyzyl to see some of the town’s sites: the Centre of Asia monument, the Buddhist temple and one of the shamanistic centers, where visitors could meet a shaman and become acquainted with this ancient belief system. Accommodation in the hotel. Full board.

Day 14.

Breakfast and excursion to the town of Turan where we will visit the local museum, then we will drive to the Kings’ Valley near Arzhaan village (110 km from Kyzyl). The Valley is known for the hundreds of big and small kurgans, or burial mounds made of stone or earth. Some of them reach 100 meters in diameter with the height of a few meters. Most of them had been looted over the centuries but one of them remained intact thanks to one detail and revealed many objects of gold of a royal Scythian couple buried here.After the excursion to the Kings’ Valley the group comes back to Kyzyl.Accommodation in the hotel.Full board.

Day 15.

After breakfast in a café in Kyzyl we will drive Abakan. End of the second part of the program.

Part III

Siberian cities.

Day 15.

Meet with a guide. Lunch. City tour with visiting “The valley of kings”, there are about 30 burial mounds aged from the IV-III century B.C. The Great Salbyk Moundwas built on the noble family’s grave and excavated by archaeologists in 1954-56. It measured 0,5km in perimeter and 11,5 m high, the weight of stones is up to 60 tonnes.

Dinner at the restaurant.Overnight at hotel*** in Abakan.

Day 16.

After breakfast the group departs to Krasnoyarsk. Lunch (picnic).

In the evening arrival to Krasnoyarsk, city tour.

You will see the symbol of the city –  ParaskevaPyatnitsa Chapel situated on the Karaulnaya mountain and shown in the 10-ruble banknote. In the 17th century the Cossacks who founded the city built a watch tower on this mountain. You will pass the historical town part with its monuments of XVIII-XIX centuries, the former mansions of Siberian merchants and patrons, you will see the monument to Krasnoyarsk founder AndreyDubensky, the Annunciation Cathedral, the Theatre Square and much more.

Dinner at the restaurant.Overnight at hotel “Krasnoyarsk”***.

Day 17.


Meet with a guide. Walking excursion along Yenisey quay with visiting Regional museum.

This excursion is a possibility to walk along the most beautiful places of Krasnoyarsk, breathe a fresh Yenisey air and enjoy overflow of this great and powerful river. You will go to the Regional Museum which is considered to be one of the best museums of history and ethnography of Siberia.22:00 –

Day 18.

Arrival to Novosibirsk at 10:00.Accomodation at hotel.Novosibirsk city tour with visiting Akademgorodok.

Tour to the scientific city Akademgorodok (30km outside the city) – the only scientific city in the world, where all the branches of sciences are presented, sometimes called by Western Media “Scientific Vatican”. Enter Akademgorodok by Lavrentiev Prospect, marked by the Guinness Book of Records as the “world’s most scientific street”. Visit of Open-Air Train Museum (a collection of the old Trans-Siberian trains), and see the river Ob reservoir – an artificial Ob sea.  Lunch at the House of Scientists, where Mr Putin and Mr Medvedev dine when visiting Akademgrodok.

Return to Novosibirsk and sightseeing of all the main attractions of the city: Novosibirsk Railway Station – the biggest station of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Ascension Cathedral, Krasny Prospect street, Lenin Square – city center with the biggest world’s Opera House, old wooden houses on Gorkogo Str. – the oldest part of the city, St.Nicolas Chapel, river Ob’ embankment and colorful Siberian farm-market. Visit of Transsib History Museum and  North Siberian food degustation.

Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 19.

Early transfer to the airport.Flight to Istanbul. Breakfast (boxed)

General information

 Tour price €2.850

price valid until 15.04.2015

prepayment date until 01.05.2015

advance payment €500

Nota Bene: Please note that the price could be modified due toraise of theprice of petrol and alimentation products. You will be notified of the change at least twenty days in advance.

The tour price includes:

Accommodation during the tour according to the program;

Transfer during the tour according to the program;

Full board (principal meals during the tour). Kindly inform in advance regarding your meal preferences (vegetarians, allergies, etc.);

Medical insurance;

Museum fees;


Gala-concert ticket;

One ritual with a shaman in Tuva;

Service of the guide-interpreter and a driver according to the program of the tour.

The tour price does not include:

Visa procedures and costs (consultation could be provided);

Drinks and water during the tour except the ones mentioned in the program;

Personal expenses and tips;

Folk-group concerts;

Horse rental;

Personal sessions with a shaman.

Additional information

Situation: Central Asia and Southern Siberia

Time zone: GMT +7 (summer)

Currency: Russian ruble

Climate and clothing: continental climate (summer max: +30 to +40ºC, winter max: -25ºC to -45ºC). Please note that the mountain temperature is usually lower than in the rest of Tuva (this concerns tours that include Sai-Xonash yurt camp). Therefore, it is advised to take two different types of clothes and shoes: for hot summer days as well as for rainy and cold days. Please note that we cannot be responsible for bad weather conditions.

What else you could need: mosquito repellents, basic pharmacy and medications if you are taking any, umbrella. People with special conditions: Please advise us in advance if you have any special condition such as, for example, diabetes, blood tension, and so on.

Electricity: 220V, 50 HZ

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